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Real person targeting, server vulnerabilities, ATM withdraw hacks and much more at DefCamp 2015

by Eek

The Internet is perhaps the greatest invention of the twentieth century and with instant communications, faster access to services and information, privacy and data security are the issues that affect a normal user the most.

Having this purpose in mind, in 2011 DefCamp was founded, the largest conference on cybersecurity in Romania and among the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

During DefCamp #6, two new competitions have been created with the purpose of finding and reporting vulnerabilities to vendors in a responsible manner: Village IoT supported by Bitdefender in which participants will discover vulnerabilities in devices connected to the Internet of Things and Orange will hold a Bug Bounty competition which will award those who find ways to bypass ordinary security systems.

In addition to these and the traditional D-CTF contest, there are three more major activities:

In essence DefCamp 2015 will hit the high note about subjects like cyber security and online privacy. These include critical infrastructure security, malware and advanced cyber threats, mobile device security, the use of artificial intelligence to combat illegal activities and mass surveillance.

These and many more will be addressed by speakers present at DefCamp 2015 under topics like:

About DefCamp

Since 2011 DefCamp succeeded to bring over 2,300 participants from 75 cities and 34 countries interested in hacking, cyber vulnerabilities as well as solutions for online protection. The audience is complementary and balanced as follows: 25% are interested in cyber security, 25% are top management, 25% come from the area of project development, and another 25% are institutions, NGOs, academic participants or students.


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